Defination of bookmatch :

Bookmatching (or bookmatch) is to joint two marble slab with symmetry vein or pattern that could create so very different feeling or view of marble beauty.


About Bookmatch

Every single interior project has its own story and every designer wants to make unic concept of design. Bookmatching marble is one of the very special design way to present the beauty of natural. You could see many famous hotel put recpetion counter with bookmatched marble design. It will be put on typical wall also so the guest will give it a big “wow” in their mind when they step into the place.

Bookmatch counter at the sky bar entrance in Hyatt Regency Bangkok
Bookmatch counter in Hyatt Regency Bangkok

It’s worth to do bookmach even little bit costy. Since we are going to use the design, and why not try add something special? Give it as a practice all the time is what DSDG always did, and the feedback from customer is amazing. Furthermore, we learn the design from trade show all over the world and introudce good stuff and idea to customer.

What DSDG could provide in bookmatch ?

There are progress for bookmatch desgin. And, we have to make the progress as better as possible untill we finish installation. We need drawing, lots of discussion and fit the property of the stone. And, we have to cut it according to the drawing, place it in DSDG facfory first to see if it is really fit!

After practice and discussion, we know how to make good bookmatch design. We have to consdier the property of the stone, and it will be stunning after we put it in right place. Right now you could think about your own design and contact with us. Also, you could see more of our portfolio to provide you some inspiration.