Every stunning stone floor work need dry lay process before install it at the site, especially for the stone has beautiful vein. Its not an easy job actually, especially for a hotel like Centara.

Stone has its own beauty with natural deffective spot or crack. In order to accelarte the process and save the cost for owner, this progress becoming a famous and necessory process recently. We will have a simulate drawing first and cut the stone, then place the stone on the floor and try to adjust the order or direciton of stone vein try to make it looks smooth.

In the view of factory the original slab is already 99% perfect and the natrual deffective is only little. Still we have to dry lay after we cut the slab into the reqiured size and could only start the next process after this. Its really worth to do this while you see the result in Centara Koh Samui Lobby.

It is really amzing when we start and finish our prgoress, because you will statisfied with the result !!

Stunning isn’t it ??

You could only found littel deffective spot or red line in the lobby but not in the conspicuous area. We will see the layout and try to put the stone has little bit deffect in the area not very conspicuous so this we could the cost and make the result stunning.