Lots of customer wants a marble bookmatch wall in their house and nearly got inquiries everyday recently. It was like very expensive design before, but now the price become much more acceptable.

This time the requirement of customer is panda white in bathroom shower wall. Generally speaking, Panda white create a very special and strong imagination of marble. You could design both bookmatch pattern or try to make the vein extend contiuneusly.

Every one will give you a “wow” while they see the finishing.

Panda White is the marble with very gorgeous vein. It is very famous if customer need strong imagination or stylish design. Bookmatch is the most popular design concept for this marble vein.

Panda White bookmatch marble
Beautiful isn’t it ?

In the beginning the customer was worried about the result, but in DSDG all the stone work has certain process to confirm with customer, especially this kind of work. As usual we send drawing and ask for confirm from customer. Luckly, customer like this color and our recommandation.

Bookmatch wall need very precise cutting work and good artisan leveling and install it onsite, so this could make the result really stunning. Our staff are well trained before all installation especially for bookmatch wall.

Install this marble bookmatch pattern should very careful and all time use laser to check the level for make sure the stone position is correct and in the middle. Thanks for give us a chance to provide our best service.

Gorgeous !! isn’t it ?