Our goal is to eliminate the cognitive dissonance between owner and contractor and provide better service.That’s why we are willing to offer 3D Simulate service to our grand customer before installation stage.

Typical wall is one of the most important signature no matter for designer or owner, so we need to make sure the result could match the imagination for both owner and designer. Furthermore, we have to inform main contractor how we will install the wall.

So, we are so very careful to make sure every singel step since our mock up.

Final Mock Up

Also, we have to sent shop drawing to confirm the back structure. We have to make sure the strength of the whole stucture, make sure how many hardware we may need.

DSDG do care about all the detail for the customer from drawing , material and installation team. We keep improve every single detail and provide our csutomer better service and let our customer has good sleep in the night.

Because the final result will always been conctral in the acceptable quality and finish it in right time.

See before and after, stunning !