Inetercontinantal Khaoyai designed by Bill Bensley and his team tell the story about Thailand first train staion. Its amazing


Result is gorgeous and its a charming room telling a nostomania story. Different rooms present different train style and lead to the destination called nautral paradise. The shower room stone cut by waterjet for accelrate the installation process and shows the classic element form old time.

DSDG pay higly attention to each work form small home porject to hospotitally project. We always try our best to provide our best service in stone work area.

Cutting is an issue and installation is another issue. With proper waterjet cutting and good installation team, we finish our scope with good result and clean site condtion in Inetercontinantal Khaoyai . Once we use waterjet and lost of pre-work in DSDG factory, we minimum the cutting work on site.

DSDG appreicate our grand client Inetercontinantal Khaoyai offer us good job during this tough covid-19 period.