Inetercontinantal Khaoyai – 1

Inetercontinantal Khaoyai designed by Bill Bensley and his team tell the story about Thailand first train staion. Its amazing


Result is gorgeous and its a charming room telling a nostomania story. Different rooms present different train style and lead to the destination called nautral paradise. The shower room stone cut by waterjet for accelrate the installation process and shows the classic element form old time.

DSDG pay higly attention to each work form small home porject to hospotitally project. We always try our best to provide our best service in stone work area.

Cutting is an issue and installation is another issue. With proper waterjet cutting and good installation team, we finish our scope with good result and clean site condtion in Inetercontinantal Khaoyai . Once we use waterjet and lost of pre-work in DSDG factory, we minimum the cutting work on site.

DSDG appreicate our grand client Inetercontinantal Khaoyai offer us good job during this tough covid-19 period.

3D Simulate for Centara Samui

Our goal is to eliminate the cognitive dissonance between owner and contractor and provide better service.That’s why we are willing to offer 3D Simulate service to our grand customer before installation stage.

Typical wall is one of the most important signature no matter for designer or owner, so we need to make sure the result could match the imagination for both owner and designer. Furthermore, we have to inform main contractor how we will install the wall.

So, we are so very careful to make sure every singel step since our mock up.

Final Mock Up

Also, we have to sent shop drawing to confirm the back structure. We have to make sure the strength of the whole stucture, make sure how many hardware we may need.

DSDG do care about all the detail for the customer from drawing , material and installation team. We keep improve every single detail and provide our csutomer better service and let our customer has good sleep in the night.

Because the final result will always been conctral in the acceptable quality and finish it in right time.

See before and after, stunning !

Super Jenti Grey Centara Samui

The typical wall is the signature of the centara this time and it really stunning while we finish it by using super jenti grey marble. Salute to our staff and the talent designer. We can’t finish this quality job without them. With pre-work of 3D simulation and dry lay approval by main contractor adn designer, we could proudly saying that we finsih this job with very good result.

800 km transportation of marble and staff also deliver our passion on the job


DSDG always knows that using best grade of marble slab could accelerate the progress of the whole project. We using best grade of super jenti grey color with only few red line on slab to match the requirement of Centara.

The isuue always is marble vein can not be uniform especially for the marble like super jenti grey. So we have to simulate the pattern of final result once the project has reasonable budget with its own quality requirenent. In this way we could reduce the cost of communication.

To find good stone super jenti grey slab is never a easy job to deal with. Its our responsability to provide most sutiabl material for onwer.

Super Jenti Grey is the marble stone with affortable price for all range of the customer. Any inquiry please contact DSDG !!

Bookmatch Panda White

Lots of customer wants a marble bookmatch wall in their house and nearly got inquiries everyday recently. It was like very expensive design before, but now the price become much more acceptable.

This time the requirement of customer is panda white in bathroom shower wall. Generally speaking, Panda white create a very special and strong imagination of marble. You could design both bookmatch pattern or try to make the vein extend contiuneusly.

Every one will give you a “wow” while they see the finishing.

Panda White is the marble with very gorgeous vein. It is very famous if customer need strong imagination or stylish design. Bookmatch is the most popular design concept for this marble vein.

Panda White bookmatch marble
Beautiful isn’t it ?

In the beginning the customer was worried about the result, but in DSDG all the stone work has certain process to confirm with customer, especially this kind of work. As usual we send drawing and ask for confirm from customer. Luckly, customer like this color and our recommandation.

Bookmatch wall need very precise cutting work and good artisan leveling and install it onsite, so this could make the result really stunning. Our staff are well trained before all installation especially for bookmatch wall.

Install this marble bookmatch pattern should very careful and all time use laser to check the level for make sure the stone position is correct and in the middle. Thanks for give us a chance to provide our best service.

Gorgeous !! isn’t it ?

Dry Lay Centara Samui

Every stunning stone floor work need dry lay process before install it at the site, especially for the stone has beautiful vein. Its not an easy job actually, especially for a hotel like Centara.

Stone has its own beauty with natural deffective spot or crack. In order to accelarte the process and save the cost for owner, this progress becoming a famous and necessory process recently. We will have a simulate drawing first and cut the stone, then place the stone on the floor and try to adjust the order or direciton of stone vein try to make it looks smooth.

In the view of factory the original slab is already 99% perfect and the natrual deffective is only little. Still we have to dry lay after we cut the slab into the reqiured size and could only start the next process after this. Its really worth to do this while you see the result in Centara Koh Samui Lobby.

It is really amzing when we start and finish our prgoress, because you will statisfied with the result !!

Stunning isn’t it ??

You could only found littel deffective spot or red line in the lobby but not in the conspicuous area. We will see the layout and try to put the stone has little bit deffect in the area not very conspicuous so this we could the cost and make the result stunning.

Silver Travertine @ Capella BKK

The final result of the prefunction area of Capella is really gorgeous.To achieve the result we need some skill , attitude and effort to make this happen. First we pick the good quality sliver travertine slab and make serious cutting plan to make sure the pattern could connect smoothly.

Every project has its own specialty and difficulty. Only if we control each progress well then we could finally accomplish it

The project owner and consultant company or mangement company will come to check the slab first then confirm we could use this slab in the project. Then, the most difficult part started which is stone floor pattern simulation.

Before & After

It is never easy to work in this kind of high end project.


The project use silver travertine as its main color on floor which will provide a low profile luxury style in this area. Desinger has very good talent to design and use this color as well and finally make the area looks stunning.

The only issue is that marble vein can not be uniform epecially color like silver travertine, so it is really hard to arrange the marble tile into a smooth feeling when we start to dry lay on the floor. So choose the right slab or pattern is really relay on experience and need lots of effort on it.

To make sure the final result is extremely important for the scale project. DSDG take every project seriously and solve the problem with a pragmatic view.

Silver Travertine Dry Lay
Owner, Designer, Consultant come to check stone dry lay together.

What is bookmatching ?

Defination of bookmatch :

Bookmatching (or bookmatch) is to joint two marble slab with symmetry vein or pattern that could create so very different feeling or view of marble beauty.


About Bookmatch

Every single interior project has its own story and every designer wants to make unic concept of design. Bookmatching marble is one of the very special design way to present the beauty of natural. You could see many famous hotel put recpetion counter with bookmatched marble design. It will be put on typical wall also so the guest will give it a big “wow” in their mind when they step into the place.

Bookmatch counter at the sky bar entrance in Hyatt Regency Bangkok
Bookmatch counter in Hyatt Regency Bangkok

It’s worth to do bookmach even little bit costy. Since we are going to use the design, and why not try add something special? Give it as a practice all the time is what DSDG always did, and the feedback from customer is amazing. Furthermore, we learn the design from trade show all over the world and introudce good stuff and idea to customer.

What DSDG could provide in bookmatch ?

There are progress for bookmatch desgin. And, we have to make the progress as better as possible untill we finish installation. We need drawing, lots of discussion and fit the property of the stone. And, we have to cut it according to the drawing, place it in DSDG facfory first to see if it is really fit!

After practice and discussion, we know how to make good bookmatch design. We have to consdier the property of the stone, and it will be stunning after we put it in right place. Right now you could think about your own design and contact with us. Also, you could see more of our portfolio to provide you some inspiration.

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