Emerald Pearl


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Emerald Pearl Granite, also recognized as Labrador Green Granite, is a remarkable and enchanting natural stone sourced from quarries in Norway. It is widely celebrated for its captivating aesthetics, characterized by a deep green base accentuated by glistening iridescent blue and silver crystals. The interplay of these colors and the stone’s reflective qualities bestows upon Emerald Pearl Granite a truly mesmerizing and opulent appearance.

The primary color theme of Emerald Pearl Granite evokes the deep and vibrant greens found in lush natural surroundings. The green tones vary in intensity, offering a spectrum from darker, more profound shades to lighter, more delicate variations, thereby introducing an extra layer of depth and character to the stone. What sets this granite apart is its distinct feature—abundant iridescent crystals that adorn the surface, coming to life when exposed to light, and contributing to its enchanting effect.

Black India


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Black India Granite, alternatively known as Nero Absolute or Jet Black, stands as a high-quality natural stone quarried in India. It has garnered global acclaim for its deep black hue and polished luster, rendering it a favored selection for countertops, flooring, and diverse architectural applications.

The extraction of Black India Granite entails the retrieval of substantial stone blocks from quarries in India. These sizable blocks are subsequently sliced into slabs of varying thickness, providing versatility in design and usage. The slabs are meticulously polished to attain a gleaming finish, accentuating the granite’s profound black color and highlighting its inherent allure.

The most outstanding characteristic of Black India Granite is its unwavering and homogeneous black tone. It boasts an unadulterated and intense black shade, devoid of noticeable variegations or veining. This uniformity lends the granite its sleek and refined aspect, making it an exceptional option for contemporary and modern design styles.

Black Galaxy


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Black Galaxy Granite is a breathtaking natural stone celebrated for its deep black color and the twinkle of golden specks that adorn its surface. Originating from quarries in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, this granite variety is revered for its distinctive and opulent appearance.

The primary backdrop of Black Galaxy Granite is a rich black, delivering a bold and expressive visual impact. What sets this granite apart is the profusion of small golden or copper-colored flecks scattered across the surface, reminiscent of stars in a cosmic galaxy. These speckles, typically composed of the mineral bronzite, contribute to the stone’s unique and enchanting aesthetic.

The interplay between the black canvas and the golden speckles creates a captivating visual allure, making Black Galaxy Granite a favored choice for a wide spectrum of design styles, whether modern or traditional. Its presence infuses spaces with an ambiance of grace and refinement.

Wave White

Wave White Granite, sometimes known as Seawave Flower Granite, is a remarkable natural stone known for its gentle, wavy patterns and a refined color palette. Hailing from Mengyin County, Shandong province, China, this granite variety exhibits a soothing grey base adorned with wavy veins that invoke the serene motion of ocean waves.

Color Palette:

The defining attribute of Spray Wave Granite is its soft grey base color. This neutral and adaptable backdrop provides a foundation for the intricate wavy veins that gracefully meander across the stone’s surface.

Yellow Fantasy

Yellow Fantasy Granite, originating from Brazil, is a captivating natural stone characterized by its medium grain and a predominantly yellow hue adorned with black and grey mineral accents scattered throughout. The stone typically exhibits a textured appearance with speckled and mottled patterns, and it can be finished with either a polished or honed surface.

This granite variety is celebrated for its robustness, as it resists scratches, stains, and the effects of heat, making it an excellent choice for a wide array of applications. Yellow Fantasy Granite is commonly used for both indoor and outdoor projects, such as flooring, wall cladding, countertops, and paving. It is also favored for decorative purposes, including monuments and sculptures. Its warm and vibrant appearance renders it popular for a diverse range of residential and commercial projects.


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