White Volakas

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White Volakas Marble is a prestigious natural stone hailing from Greece, admired for its enchanting white canvas adorned with graceful gray veining, resulting in a beautifully refined aesthetic.

This marble predominantly features a white or off-white background, embellished with veining in various shades of gray. These veins exhibit a range of intensities, from delicate and understated to bold and pronounced. The harmonious marriage of the white backdrop and the gray veins bestows Volakas Marble with an enduring and elegant visual allure, rendering it a favored choice across a multitude of design preferences.

The veining patterns within Volakas Marble can assume diverse forms, whether they appear linear, gently undulating, or reminiscent of soft, cloud-like formations. Each slab of Volakas Marble carries its own unique character, boasting individual traits and variations in veining that contribute to its overall charm and allure.

Technico Info:

Techino Info

  • Apparent Specific Density, Kg/m3 (din 52102) 2825
  • Open Porosity Coefficient, % Vol (din 52102) 0,54
  • Water Absorption Coefficient, % Wt (din 52103) 0,19
  • Dynamic Modulus Of Elasticity, Gpa (din 1048 Teil 5) 35
  • Compressive Strength, Mpa (din 52105) 139
  • Flexural Strength, Mpa (din 52112) 10
  • Compressive Strength After Freeze/thaw Cycles, Mpa (din 52104 & 52105) 103
  • Abrasion Resistance, Mm (din 52108) 2,20
  • Impact Strength, Cm (uni-u 59
  • Mineralogical Composition, % Wt
  • Calcite 8,00
  • Dolomite 92,00