Emerald Quartize

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Emerald Green Quartzite, originating from the vibrant landscapes of Brazil, is a radiant stone that bathes spaces in a bright emerald-green glow. While it finds its primary place in indoor decor, it can also venture outdoors to infuse nature with its vivid charm. This stone is highly regarded for its impressive durability and its ability to radiate a captivating shine.

Emerald Green Quartzite is conveniently accessible, making it an excellent choice for a wide spectrum of interior design and outdoor applications. As a metamorphic rock predominantly composed of quartz, it is often employed to adorn interior walls and floors.

The name "Emerald Quartzite" pays homage to its unique and dazzling bright green hue, attributed to the presence of chlorite within the stone. This distinctive color evokes the lush green tones of emerald, symbolizing life and the timeless return of spring. The stone's crystalline transparency reflects the vitality of the sea, enveloping spaces in a feeling of well-being and vibrant energy.