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Jaguar Grey Marble is an alluring and distinctive natural stone known for its captivating appearance. This marble, characterized by its rich grey background, is adorned with striking veining that creates an eye-catching and elegant contrast.

The primary feature of Jaguar Grey Marble is its deep and luxurious grey color with remarkable pink crystal, which forms a refined foundation for various design projects. The grey hue exudes a sense of sophistication and versatility, making it a popular choice for a wide range of interior and exterior applications.

What sets Jaguar Grey Marble apart is its unique pink crystal, which can vary in intensity and pattern. The pink crystal vein, elegantly traverse the stone, enhancing its visual allure and imbuing it with depth and movement.

Technico Info:
  • Physical, mechanical and technological specifications:
  • Hardness(Mohs)3-4
  • Unit Volume Weight(gr/cm3)2,67
  • Density(gr/cm3)2,74
  • Water absorption at atmospheric pressureby weight (%)0,10 by volume (%)0,10
  • Water absorption at boiling waterby weight (%)0,10 by volume (%)0,10
  • Porosity(%)0,64
  • Compressive strength(Kg/cm2)914,48
  • Compressive strength after freesing(Kg/cm2)708,73
  • Strength to blow(Kg/cm2)8,39
  • Strength to bending(Kg/cm2)121,51
  • Modulus of Elasticity(Kg/cm2)9,94x103
  • Ratio of fullness(%)99,30
  • Degree of pores(%)0,82
  • Average Abrasion Loss(cm3/50 cm2)3,85
  • Average Tensile Strength(Kg/cm2)79,00
  • Chemical analysis:
  • CaO 43,20MgO 9,20
  • SiO2 1,50A12O3 0,22
  • Fe2O3 0,84CaCO2 -
  • MgO3 -K2O -
  • TlO2 -A.Z.

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