Silver Travertine

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Silver Travertine, also referred to as Titanium Silver Travertine, is a captivating and refined natural stone hailing from the quarries of Turkey. This exquisite stone belongs to the travertine family, formed by the gradual deposition of minerals from water, resulting in its unique texture and appearance.

The prevailing hue of Silver Travertine is a stunning silver-gray, which imparts a sense of sophistication and contemporary charm, making it an ideal choice for a wide spectrum of design styles. Its silver shades lend a touch of modernity and adaptability, rendering it a beloved option for both timeless and contemporary architectural and interior design endeavors.

What truly distinguishes Silver Travertine are its graceful vein patterns. These veins, delicate and understated, showcase an array of gray tones, ranging from gentle silver to deeper charcoal, occasionally accented by subtle hints of beige or cream. These veins gracefully traverse the stone's surface, imparting depth and character, reminiscent of the natural elegance found in marble.