Tundra Grey Marble

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Tundra Grey Marble, hailing from the quarries of Turkey, is a marvel of natural beauty, celebrated for its refined and graceful presence. It has earned its reputation as an exceptional stone, thanks to its unique grey hues and intricate veining patterns, which infuse spaces with a sense of depth and character.

The primary color palette of Tundra Grey Marble is a gentle, understated grey, embellished with subtle variations. Within this elegant canvas, the stone showcases veins and swirls that come alive in shades of white, light grey, and occasionally hints of beige or taupe. These organic variations contribute to the stone's overall allure, ensuring that each slab of Tundra Grey Marble is a masterpiece in its own right.

One of the distinctive attributes of Tundra Grey Marble is its polished finish, a testament to the stone's innate elegance. This finish not only elevates the marble's natural beauty but also bestows upon it a lustrous and reflective surface. The polished surface serves as a canvas for the colors and veining to shine, imbuing the marble with a timeless and opulent charm. Additionally, Tundra Grey Marble is available in honed or brushed finishes, offering a versatile range of aesthetic possibilities to cater to diverse design preferences.

Technico Info:
  • Water Absorption:0.80 By weight %
  • Density:2610 Kg/m3
  • Flexural Strength:13.94 MPa
  • Compressive Strength:67.05 - 68.03 MPa